Duffy's Napa Valley Rehab

“Since we partnered with Willow, our revenue streams and cash flow have steadily improved.  They also provide the financial clarity that our patients require to get the substance abuse treatment they need.  Willow works seamlessly with our own staff to manage the entire insurance process; from benefit verifications to utilization review to claim filing and management.  It’s a huge advantage to our company to use the best experts in the industry at Willow Insurance Management.”       
- Mick Duffy, CEO, Duffy's Napa Valley Rehab


Insight Counseling

“All of my clients just LOVE you and you seem to explain insurance to them so much better than I can!   Thank you for all your updates.  This helps me so much, you have NO idea.  Worth every penny!”             
- Nicole Bourquin, Owner, Insight Counseling



Play 2 Learn

 “Stacey Flynn and her group at Willow Insurance Management has been a lifesaver for my private practice.  They have always been very professional and expedient in responding to my clients' needs and in representing my business.  Stacey has always been there for me to answer a quick question and to provide expert consultation and support.  I whole-heartedly recommend them to all my colleagues and I know you will be happy with their service!
- Monica Fyfe, Owner, Play 2 Learn Inc.